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PixHound is tested to work on
  • Webserver Apache 1.3.x or 2.x
  • PHP 4.3+
  • GD Lib 2.01+
  • Mysql 4.0 or higher
  • Linux, MacOSX and FreeBSD
PixHound should work on Windows, I don't see why not, but I haven't tested it. This is an early version so bear with me. If you try it on Windows let me know about it!

Optional: ImageMagick libraries

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. Create a database for the installation
  3. Edit the file your_installation_dir/include/config.inc. There are instructions what to enter and where
  4. Make the directory pics in your installation directory and everything inside it writable for everybody
  5. Make the directory your_installation_dir/smarty/templates_c writable for everybody
  6. Point your browser to http://your-server/your_installation_dir/install.php
  7. Have fun!

First you should create some categories, albums, places and people.
After installation you have one user in the database, his name is admin and his password is admin (Obvious that you should change this, right?). Log in with this account.
To upload pictures go to the Import section.
You can either upload a single picture or copy a whole directory that is already on your server.
In both cases you can define common entries for the picture(s).
When you're done with that, click on Unreviewed Pictures to adjust the entries to you liking

That's basically it, I think the rest is self explainig. If it is not drop me a line...

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