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What is PixHound?
PixHound Gallery
PixHound is a web/browser/php based Gallery system.
It lets you maintain your collection of digital photos or artwork on any webserver running PHP4 and MySQL.
PixHound is written from scratch , inspired by Zoph.
Zoph is a very sophisticated system that gives you a wealth of information about a picture and I was quite happy with it for years.
However, I wanted a system that can import folders without using the command line and that would allow me to rotate pictures after having them in the database.
Then again, I found all this information I got a bit too much, it is easy to get lost there.
Other scripts didn't give me other options I needed (like mass editing) so I decided to write my own...

PixHound lets you
  • Upload pictures or import directories on your server
  • Add Pictures to one or more definable categories and/or Albums
  • Define Persons apopearing on your pictures
  • Maintain a list of locations where your pictures are taken
  • Lets you mass- or single edit all the above plus Title/comments
  • if provided the picture date is taken from the exif data (no need for compiled EXIF support!)
  • If you have the ImageMagick libraries installed you can rotate images on the fly
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For more informations see the Docs!

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