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What is the Simple Template Parser?
This parser has been developed 5 years ago with the aim to produce a tool that allows to separate code from HTML. It started out as a simple php function. Meanwhile it has been rewritten by Stefan Reich and turned into a class file.
In larger projects there are usually designers and developers involved. While designers should not mess with a lot of complicated code uaually developers should not mess with layout. Instead, everybody should stick to his job.
To achieve this usually template parsers are used. You write your code in files that don't contain any HTML, then you call the parser and tell him to output this code using a template.
In these templates tags are defined that server as placeholders for the values that your code produces.
So, this is the idea behind it. All major modern projects use a parser and templates.
Another advantage is that you can easily change the layout without having to touch the code at all. This speeds up things dramatically and it is much easier to do for a designer.
The Simple Template parser can
  • Assemble a page from several templates (you can f.e. define a repeating page head as a separate template)
  • Output result pages to the browser or write them to a file
  • perform loops
  • follow nested conditions
  • show multiple columns per row in a table loop
  • change colors in a loop
  • For more informations see the Docs!

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