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What is FastSQL?
FastSQL is a wrapper around the mysql functions that php provides.
Writing larger web apps can be a pain if you have to work with the p[ure php mysql interface. Many tasks are just repeating and unnecessarily complicated.
That's why most people use a wrapper of some kind.
There are more reasons to do so:
  • You can make things easier for other developers if the wrapper is well written
  • If you one day decide to port all your apps to another DB you don't have to go through 1000 scripts and change every single database action.
    Instead, you just change the functions in the wrapper to work with the new database and the scripts will never know it has changed at all.
That's why we decided to use a wrapper, and because we did so a long time ago when there were not so many freely available scripts we wrote one ourselves.
This one's working now for years in all our apps and because of this is really stable as well.
Because we work mainly with dynamic content we use FastSQL a lot in conjunction with the Simple Template Parser. Or to put it the other way, we never use STP without FastSQL.
That's why you will find them both bundled as one download, it will make sense for you as well. Promised.
FastSQL provides functions for
  • Inserting into a database
  • Updating/deleting
  • search and return a single result set
  • Search and return multiple rows
  • Show table structures
  • Automatically create Insert and Update statements
  • For more informations see the Docs!

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