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What you will find on these pages:
Over the years I wrote a few scripts that I just kept using all the time. I thought if they are so useful to me they might be to others as well.
So, here we go:
  • PixHound 0.1..
    Yes,it is just another browser/php based gallery for digital images. But one that in my opinion has just the right set of features. Basically, it doesn't give you headaches of the full blown professional systems but has all the features you really need everyday like mass renaming/editing, rotating, multi user features...
  • STP Simple Template Parser.
    This is, as the name suggests, a very simple parser. It helps you keep your code separated from the HTML. If you are looking for something with a million features and a 1 MB of documentation text then go for Smarty. It's a great template engine. However, if you just need basic functions, if you don't want to spend weeks learning how the damn thing functions, if you just need a template parser that works immediately - then you are right here.
  • FastSQL.
    Your basic MySQL layer class.
    This one wraps around the basic php Mysql functions and allows you to perform all everyday MySQL database tasks without knowing about all the mechanisms.
  • LandShop 0.7.
    LandShop is a free Real estate database and sales system
    It is written in PHP using the GD libraries (version 2+) and MySQL database. LandShop aims to be easy to install and maintain but flexible enough to suit all needs of a real estate business on the internet
How to...
This section will provide you with tutorials for basic but (hopefully) interesting tasks that can be done with PHP.
Start here, I hope you can make use of it.
This is anything else than spectacular, only links to resources I am using a lot, hoping that others will do as well.
Have a look, maybe you find something that you've been looking for...
...to be added later

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